Lessons my Mother Taught Me (老媽教會我的事)

(Lessons my Mother Taught Me)

黃明德 / Samuel Ng, BBM



Dementia traverses along the real and imaginary realm. In this book, prominent social worker and Montfort Care Founder | CEO Samuel Ng (BBM) details his experience of giving care to his mother who suffers from dementia. Samuel provides anecdotes and heartfelt reflections on the mental and emotional journey of dementia caregiving, and shares how this experience has brought his family closer together. This book encapsulates the many dilemmas that Samuel faced, while providing a reflection on the joys of caregiving. As he looks back on the old times, he reflects on the lessons his mother has taught him.


(Translated) “Without a doubt, caring for a loved one with dementia is a long and increasingly difficult journey. Nevertheless, my sister and I share a belief that we can try to make up for our mother’s misplaced and fading memories with love and care.”


(Translated) “Most importantly, I do not see caregiving as a burden; our mother has become a source of joy for our family.”

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Upcoming Event (Author Talk + Book Signing) – 7th June 2022 (Tuesday)

On 7th July 2022, Montfort Care Founder | CEO Samuel Ng (BBM) will be sharing about his personal experience and thoughts on the challenges of a caregiving journey. The talk will be hosted by UFM100.3 DJ Wenhong, and will be followed by an exclusive book signing event.

The event will be held at National Library The Pod, Level 16 (100 Victoria Street, S188064) from 7pm to 8.30pm. Admissions will begin from 6.30pm.

Limited slots available; do sign up for the event through this link: https://www.gevme.com/huangmingde

Upcoming Campaign on Dementia – July 2022

In July 2022, Montfort Care will be launching Heart to Love, a dementia caregiving campaign to delve deeper into the topics documented in this book. Among other aspects, this campaign aims to raise awareness on the extreme pressures that caregivers face, and the hidden losses that they incur. Additionally, the campaign aims to validate and support existing caregivers by covering topics such as sustainable care planning, healthy coping mechanisms, and linking them to available resources.