Montfort Care launches “Superecipe” for Better Clients’ Outcome


11 March 2016 (Singapore) – “Superecipe-The Montfort Care Guide to Supervision”, an initiative by Montfort Care to enhance professional practice standards in social work and better outcomes for clients, through competent supervision.

The guide, was officially launched by Guest-of-Honour, Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Mayor, South East District.

With more people joining the social service sector, in particular social work, many of whom may be professionals doing a mid-career switch, building professionalism and competency within the social service sector has become more imperative. People looking for a career with meaning, action, and satisfaction are often drawn to the social work profession. The Social Work profession demands more than a big heart, it requires sound grounding on practice and professional ethics and supervision is crucial for good practice. Supervision is recognised as a critical component of Social Work education and training, from the internship stage and throughout the professional life of the Social Worker.

CEO of Montfort Care, Mr Samuel Ng said, “The issues that our clients face today have become more complex and challenging. Workers are challenged in their own thinking having to be innovative, proactive and thinking out of the box with the main goal of being able to relieve our clients from the despair and confusion facing life’s upheavals in their wheel of life. While the Social Worker needs to possess the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the sector and its clients, practice skills in direct work with clients in their daily lives, the demands and challenges of the work requires professional support and supervision.”

The slim and handy manual, the size of a coffee-table book, covers topics like ‘Ethics In Supervision’, ‘Scope and Documentation of Supervision’, ‘Training and Competency of Supervisors’, ‘Evaluation of Supervision Outcomes and Supervisory Processes’ as well as an interesting section which captures the ‘Voices of Supervisors and Supervisees’. One of the key focuses of the manual is ‘The Montfort Care Supervision Model’ which highlights the core beliefs, approaches and key stakeholders involved in supervision.

The Montfort Care team of professional staff has put their learning and practice wisdom based on their experiences and expertise into the guide. This guide which took close to two years to develop is Montfort Care’s way of contributing back to the sector.

This is the third publication which Montfort Care has produced and shared with the social service practitioners in Singapore.

As one Social Worker at Montfort Care Mr Syed Alwi Bin Syed Abdullah Alhadad puts it, “Supervision has enabled me to develop helpful strategies to work efficiently and achieve positive outcomes with challenging cases. I am more confident in working effectively with partners and navigating through the different systems. Supervision has also helped me realise the importance of self-care and having a balance within one’s self. It not only made me a more competent worker but a more confident one as well.”

Superecipe-The Montfort Care Guide to Supervision” is available at the National Library Board as well as the Social Service Institute at the National Council of Social Service.

You can also download a copy of the guide here.